Our Past Presidents

We would like to thank the Past Presidents of ACT for their time, dedication, and hard work to our organization:

Tom Donnelly 1983-1984

Les Stoney 1983-1985

Eleanor Barker 1985-1986

Ken Jones 1986-1987

Janet Szalkowski 1987-1988

Myles Merling 1988-1989

Dorothy Zucker 1989-1990

Kathleen Clancy 1990-1991

Stella Bishop 1991-1992

Phyllis Figler 1992-1993

Ruth Phelps 1993-1995

Dick Shouldis 1995-1996

Diane Rotondelli 1996-1997

Olympia Hydeck 1997-1998

Jim McDonald 1998-2001

Merrill Siedman 2001-2003

Maria DiRocco 2003-2008

Donna Carlin 2008-2010

Lillian Smalls 2010-2013

Sally Smith 2013-2017

If you are a past president, we would like to add a photo of you to this page, please email it over to jen@thetravelsmiths.com